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Friday, January 8, 2010

Let me introduce you to my ornaments...

If there's one thing you could say I'm obsessed with, it would be ornaments! Goodness gracious, I love them so!!! Before I even moved away from home, I started collecting them b/c I didn't want my first Christmas tree to be a sad one. Doesn't everyone start ornament collecting in high school?

From the beginning, I've had a soft spot for the old fashioned blown glass ornaments. Over the years, I've collected a few hundred (!!!) of them and I love them all! I've even got some real collectibles in the mix: Christopher Radko, Gorham, Old World Christmas, and Waterford. They are some of my most prized possessions.

As we undecorated the tree last week, I took some snapshots of some of my favorites. This was the collection that was taken off the tree. There is more that didn't make the cut this year! Crazy, I know. I can't help myself.

We've got traditional Santas, Santas in bathtubs, Santas in hot air balloons, Santas with kitties, kitties with utensils.

I've got tin men, an octopus, tons of pigs, birds in cages, Alice, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, Raggedy Ann and Andy, as well as some vintage family ornaments. The china doll was given to me by the family of my first best friend.

I am currently obsessing over vintage flocked Santas like the ones on the little ladder there. I am waiting for some that I've purchased to arrive from England any day! So excited!

There are angels in every size and shape, snowmen of all sorts, and momentos from our honeymoon. The gold dipped aspen leaf is one of my favorites! I also LOVE my vintage turquoise balls. You can't buy that kind of patina brand new!

Scott's grandma gave me this one soon after we got married. I think it's my absolute fave! It's a simple silk ball turned Santa flying through the air w/ dangling hearts.

Here's our tree topper. It's a silver star that is the same pattern as our sterling silver flatware. Literally. Colonial something-or-other, I think. You know, you get bonus points for coordinating with your silverware during the holidays!

Many of you know I've purchased a white tree for next year and I've found the cutest hot pink feathered vintage angel for the topper! I can hardly stand it!! When it gets here, I'll be sure to show it off. :)

After Christmas, the girls and I hit up the clearance sales and stocked up on some new stuff for next year. I was so excited to find these boxes of Radko Shiny Brites (reproductions of the vintage originals) at the hardware store of all places! I'm in love with the mushrooms and the little squirrel, which I found online at Crate & Barrel (after ogling the ones a flickr contact had!)

Of course, the girls got some just for them and their special trees. I'm hoping to find some cute pink tinsel trees next year to go in their bedrooms.

There you have it! I truly believe your tree/ornaments say a lot about your personality. I guess mine say I'm a crazy, eclectic mess! haha! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Speaking of ornaments, I made up these cute little felt camera ornaments for some of my photog friends this Christmas. I have a few available in my etsy shop too!

You can never have too many!

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thousand words photography said...

holy guacamole!! that's a lot of ornaments! wow!! and glass...haha...i stick to plastic, felt and rubber. :) heehee

you rock!