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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

walk, walk, plop!

Today we took a walk (and a few plops) in the snow since the temps are finally becoming survivable. We've been stuck in negative temps for over a week, but this week we will be up in the 20's and 30's, which is very exciting! With it being so cold, all the snow we've gotten over the last month has hung around. Hard frozen stuff, about 6-7 inches deep on the bottom, and light fluffy dry snow, about 18 inches deep, on top.

Today was to be an adventure, so we figured we'd check out the walking trail. The sidewalk was nice and clear and the trail seemed clear as well.

The creek is frozen, of course, with tons of snow on top of the ice, so you almost don't even know it's there.

About halfway down one side of the trail, we discovered it wasn't as clear as we thought! It didn't *look* that bad, so we pushed through.

It was at this point that the twins started to "plop" in the snow as much as walk in the snow.

It happened a lot! They are lightweights, so they didn't sink into it much, but I was about knee deep, trying to keep them and myself upright while not getting the camera stuck in the snow. It was a workout!

Not sure why I only got pics of {P} plopping - {E} did it just as much!

The bridge was nice and clear b/c the snow just falls right though. With 2 ft of snow on the ground, it didn't seem nearly as high up!

Walk, walk...


Towards the end of our "walk" the kids sort of gave up and began plopping on purpose when one would fall. lol

I pointed out that they might as well make snow angels since they were already down.

{E} didn't quite get the concept and just thrashed around in the snow, which was pretty amusing!

Here's Miss Snaggletooth...her bottom two teeth are loose and ready to go at any moment. Not a great pic, but I figured we'd better document her before the big loss happens!

The last leg of the walk was the trickiest. We hit the really deep stuff! Of course, on the other side of the creek, where we began our walk, the city workers suddenly appeared to clear the path. Someone must have called to tell them there were crazy girls out there getting stuck in the snow! While they cleared, I got stuck...over and over again...up to the thigh! Almost lost my shoe! Poor Sarah doesn't have snow pants that fit, so she was crying about being frozen. We eventually made our way home and defrosted just fine. There's more snow in the forecast though! Fun, fun!


JAR Photography & Design said...

So cute... wow what a lot of snow, looks cold. LOL

Grey Street Girl said...

Great shots! I love all that snow. It must have been such a fun walk.

stacy mcpeek-smith said...

What a good mama you are. You are lucky to catch me out in a dusting of snow. :)

shannon said...

i like the plops! :)
i swear i commented on this btw!