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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

purrrr-fectly sweet for trick-or-treat!

This year, little {E} is going to be a kitty for halloween. Her costume was definitely the easiest - no sewing! Actually, a little sewing, but not enough to count - after sewing feathers onto her shirt, I decided to switch to hot glue. I bought her some black knit pants and a striped (BabyGap) top from a resale shop for less than $5 and simply added black feather boa ($2) around the wrists and pant legs. We also embellished an old kitty ear headband and tail from the dress up box with the feather boa to make them "fluffy" and ultimately cuter. Topped off with pink bows, you have the perfect little kitty costume! She's very excited!


The {G} Family said...

She is absolutely adorable!

Dave said...

Cute kitty!

Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

Hi Jen, remember me heather? I have been busy..had my 5th baby , a boy finally. Your family is adorable and growing up. I will try to be better keeping up on your blog.