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Friday, October 30, 2009

{p} the pumpkin witch...errr...princess...witch...

It's the day before halloween and we still haven't quite decided if little {p} will be a pumpkin witch or a princess. lol Originally, I thought maybe I could put her super cool tiara onto a witch's hat so that she could sorta be both, but after trying it, I thought it was a little too much. I think we'll go with the witch version for trick or treat, but I know she's enjoyed have 2 costumes in one.

The witch's hat is from the $1 spot at Target, the tiara was about $1.50 on clearance last year from Claire's. The boa and babylegs were gifted to us, so they were free. The tutu was her big sis's from last year and her skirt and top were made from fabric we got on clearance a couple years ago for just a few dollars. I wanted the skirt to have a bustled look, but it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted. The tutu underneath sorta distorts the shape of it, but I'll keep tweaking it until I'm happy with it. The top was super easy to make - I used this TUTORIAL.

Aside from skirt tweaking, the costumes are finished! Yay! One of the trickiest parts of costume design for midwesterners is that you have to be able to layer clothes underneath to keep the kiddos warm. We're hoping for clear skies and the temp is expected to be around 45' during trick or treat time. Not too bad!

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