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Friday, February 19, 2010


I admit it, things are pretty boring around here at The Pinkerton Projects right now. I think I've been hit with a bad case of the winter blahs, which at best, makes me totally unmotivated and uninterested in pretty much everything.

I haven't updated on the office project b/c it hasn't changed much yet. The walls are half painted and there are still boxes everywhere. I'm working on it though and today I'm focused on painting the window area on the other side of the room, which is technically our formal living room. I'll show you the "before" shot the realtor took - it's kinda the same now, but a whole lot messier!

*sigh* Look at all that green stuff outside the window! Certainly looks nothing like that now! Anyway, all that trim is getting painted and the walls are becoming yellow-ish. I've got some white curtains hung already, but will be improving those over the next few days before I share them with you.

One exciting thing that's taken place recently was the purchase of new bedroom dressers for the master bedroom. We got a great deal on them and I'm so excited to have purchased *new* furniture that doesn't require me to rebuild it or repaint it first! We decided not to purchase the matching mirror, so I'm on a mirror hunt right now. Once everything is in place, I'll be sharing better pictures. I've been using a point-n-shoot camera recently for snapshots and I apparently need to read the manual b/c nothing is ever in focus!

Anyway, just wanted to pop on here with something so you'd know I was still alive! Once I get all the hard work done, I'll have lots to share!

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venus said...

Hang in there! Spring is coming!!!

The dressers are beautiful!