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Saturday, October 24, 2009

bat girl, vlah!

This year, Sarah wanted to be a bat for halloween. We, of course, like any true halloween LOVErs do, started shopping for supplies right after halloween last year. I found these horns/ears at the grocery store for about $1 and the felt/sequin mask at WalMart for about the same. They set the tone and we finished up with some bat fabric (probably less than $3 worth) for the wing cape. I tried to talk her into doing wire/mesh fairy style bat wings after she insisted on throwing in the tutu, but she wanted to be "scary" and "scary" bat girls have capes. (And "scary" bat girls wear tutus??) I used purple feather boa ($2) around the collar and cuffs to hold the cape on. All in all, a super easy costume and we were able to layer extra clothes underneath the black stuff.

The way I got her interested in cooperating was to have her say "I vant to suck your blood! vlah!" Haha! She has been insisting on vampire teeth to go with the costume, but we haven't found any yet that don't come in a big set without makeup. ?? We'll see! Stay tuned for the terrible twosome!


Lisa Johnson said...

You never cease to AMAZE me w/ all your incredible talent! :)

The {G} Family said...

The costume is adorable! She is looking so grown-up!