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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holy orange, Batman!

Operation Rainbow Bright was in full swing this week as I tackled the master bathroom. I was hoping to have it be a nice extension of what we have going on in the bedroom (blues with warm orange and pear green accents), so I debated between green and orange for a while before settling on the color. (I didn't even think I could talk Scott into letting me do orange!) My intention was a nice warm orange, but after going over colors with the hubs and Sarah, we came up with a brighter, lighter orange.

In the early stages of the painting part, I had a twinge or two of panic. haha! It was a little (lot) brighter than I had planned. I continued on though, knowing we could make it work. Now that it's finished (aside from some touching up) I think it looks great! Scott even seems to like it!

Here are the before pics that our realtor took. It was the same cappuccino color that the rest of the house is (darker in real life than pictures.)

And here's the way it looks now! Ellen, as usual, was my little model.

I don't have a picture of it, but the old light fixture looked like boobs! Haha! It was a brassy tone and basically just two globes stuck to each other! We replaced it, as well as the sink fixture and knobs on the cabinet.

We've got some blinds for the window and I had this fabric in my stash that I'm going to make a window treatment with. I LOVE it, but never really had a purpose for it, other than a camera strap cover or two. It doesn't have the blues of the bedroom, but the pattern is similar in style to what we are using on our headboard (with modern florals and sketchbook drawings) so I think it will work fine.

And I finally printed one of my flower shots to hang over the throne! Mine is the one on the bottom and the top pic is one my friend Haley took and was kind enough to share with me! (I featured it on the Maternal Lens yesterday.) They are both sorta macro-y and kind of abstract, so I think they work well together. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the frames wood-tone, but they match the cabinet perfectly ($8 at Walmart!) so I kept them unpainted and I think it looks great.

So, YAY!, a finished room!!! "Tangerine Cream" was a success!


stacy {molto bella photography} said...

OMG Jen! It looks AMAZING!!! Love it!

Irene said...

WOW! It really looks nice. Makes me want to start painting the living and dining room. What color do you suggest?

The {G} Family said...

Oh, it's beautiful! I love it! Not the orange I had imagined at all! The window is adorable...we'll need pics with the new curtain!

JAR Photography & Design said...

Oh Jen I love the color. Funny thing... today is orange day for Ems school so she is all orange and i am even wearing an orange shirt too. This was a nice post to read this morning... great job. :)

Betsy! said...

lookin' good :)

Haley Hickman said...

I think my picture makes the whole bath room! Haha

meg manion silliker said...

looks great. i really love the paint color!

Dave said...

Even though it isn't maroon, it is a huge improvement over the "cappucino". I'm looking forward to seeing it in a couple of months.

Jessica Looney said...

This is a fabulous room!! Great job!!