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Monday, September 21, 2009

blue -oo-ooooh!

Welcome to the master bedroom! For over 15 years, my bedroom has been pink and cream, mixed with various other colors (mostly green), so I decided it was time for a change when we moved to the new house. Our room still has a long way to go before it's "finished" but I am LOVING it! The walls are a medium blue, leaning towards a robin's egg blue. We (I), of course, painted out the trim with a creamy white and have gotten new white bedding. The only other thing we've done to make the change is recover the headboard with this great fabric from Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room line. It's modern with birds, butterflies and flowers - what's not to love!?

This fabric wasn't my first choice, and I actually chose the wall color based on a different fabric. I had never even seen this particular colorway in person, so when I ordered it, I had my fingers crossed that it wouldn't clash with the wall. When it came in the mail, we were so tickled that it's almost the exact same color! We couldn't have been any luckier!

My vision of the room is to keep it very simple and clean. I wanted to keep the bedding simple and light (we never make the bed anyway!) with a pop of pattern and color in the headboard and on the wall. It's all very beachy and dreamy and I love it! The pictures really don't do it justice and it's obviously not finished - it will just get better and better and I'll share the finished room with you when it's done. I have a long piece of wood that I plan on "creatively painting" to hang over the bed, and we will hopefully replace the tv tables as nightstands with built in shelves that act as nightstands.

This room is being done on a tight budget - same as the rest of the house. The headboard fabric was less than $30 delivered to my door, and the new quilt on the bed (with the great mod quilting) was only $40 at TJMaxx. I plan waaay ahead sometimes (a lot) so I put the sheets on our Christmas list for last year - they were a gift!

Across from the bed are the windows. We opted for cheap and simple window shades for now, instead of mini-blinds. I had intended for some nice roman shades or long flowy drapes in white, but now I'm not certain what I'm going to do. The shades are simple and clean, so I can live with them for a while. To one side of the window, I have a photo that my friend Lexy took - love it! And on the other side, we have our armoire, which houses Scott's clothes and normally, the tv. No tv in there yet and it's kinda deep for the space, so we are thinking we might replace it with a slimmer dresser.

Here's the view out the window...

We really, really need dressers! Along this long wall, we are planning to put a long dresser with a mirror. I kind of like the contrast of the wood tones against the blue, but we are also looking at black finishes. We gave our hand-me-down dresser to the twins, so we definitely need something!

Yesterday, Sarah was complaining that we needed more "stuff" in our room. She obviously doesn't get the minimalist thing! She does love the mirrored closet doors though, which will be going bye-bye sooner or later!

And just for reference, here is the before picture, taken by our realtor...

And here's what we had in the old house and for the last 10+ years!

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Anonymous said...

I love what you are doing with your room. And thank you for admitting you don't make your bed. Praise the Lord I am not the only one!! I truly love how you are transforming your home. Such a wonderful knack you have.