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Thursday, July 9, 2009

More pics from the lake...finally.

Hi! Remember me? I have slacked off on blogging with all the hectic traveling we've been doing. Anyway, today I caught up on some of the pics from our trip to the lake last month.

All the photos in this post are clickable so that you can see them larger if you like.

This is my parents with the kiddos. I swear, if the kids were looking at the camera, my father was making a goofy face! Impossible.

This is my mom, her mom, and me with the kids. 4 generations!

My grandma (Mama/Gigi) with the kiddos. We can never figure out who Ellen looks like, but here she looks just like Gigi! We may have figured it out! (She's the one on the far right.)

And of course, the big "family photo." This is almost my entire family from my mom's side minus my uncle's family and my youngest sister Angie. My Aunt Sandy and her friend Jayne are on the left there and are the ones who call the lake house home.

While I was going through the photos, I was reminded of how snap-happy my husband is. I think we have about 150 images of my brother in-law on the jet ski! Here are a few...

And those of you who know Scott (my husband) will find this amusing! Scott on the jet ski! He loved it and is convinced we need one now! haha!

And here's one of me, holding on for dear life! It was really choppy out that day.

Anyway, we are back and forth between Illinois and Nebraska quite a bit now. We are house hunting and still trying to sell our current home. Scott started his new job at Bellevue University last week, so at least we are officially employed now! Luckily, he doesn't have to be there full time for a few more weeks.


thousand words photography said... all look so much alike!! i love them!!

Angie said...

Love all the pictures....just wish I got to be in some :( ..... next time, next time.

meg manion silliker said...

the 4 generations shot is wonderful. lucky to have that!! have been missing yoru blog!

nonna said...

It was great being together, and fun, too! Missed Angie, though...

You got some great shots, Jen!