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Friday, June 19, 2009

lake rats in the making

Last week, we made our way to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri to meet up with my Texas family at my aunt's summer lake house. I had to chuckle when one of my friends asked me about our "camping trip." Here is the house...

We weren't exactly "roughing it!" haha! The house is actually one of the smaller ones on the block. I think you could get lost in some of her neighbors' homes. Here's a few across the cove from her. Their boats cost about as much as our house!

Anyway, we spent a good chunk of time out on the boats. The kids loved it! Scott and I took the twins out on my Aunt Sandy's boat with grandma (Nonna) and great-grandma (Gigi.)

Btw, poor {E} had to make a trip to the ER the night before. She gashed her forehead open and had to get a CT scan and some superglue! Of course, all this happened in the middle of the night, so that's partly why she appears less than energetic. She's healing well though!

{P} loved the boat! She sat on Nonna's lap the entire time, waving at every boat that passed by us. {E} loved it too, but she tried really hard to convince us otherwise.

As much as the twins enjoyed boating, Sarah loved it more! She spent most of her time out on her Uncle Steven's speed boat, tooling around the lake at highway speeds! I wasn't sure we'd ever convince her to leave.

I was also unsure whether we'd ever get the twins to take off their life jackets. It was the funniest thing, they wore them the entire time we were there! They even tried to go to bed with them on.

My dad has more of the story and some pics from the trip if you are interested. His blog is HERE.

(All the pics are clickable if you want to check them out larger. I'll post some more later.)


nonna said...

I miss the lake, the cooler temmps - it's in the 100's here, with no relief in sight - and seeing the girls have so much fun! And I have a terrible craving for Randy's frozen custard!! So glad y'all were able to make it...

Yeah, we were really "roughing" it. **smile**

Heather said...

Looks like a fun trip I love the ozarks...