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Sunday, May 31, 2009

sundays are fun days

We had an open house today, so we spent the afternoon doing a little window shopping. Along the way, we hit the pet store for the zillionth time to check out all the critters, which is the kids' favorite thing to do to waste time. The twins recently destroyed their shoe storage, so their cowgirl boots have been resurrected. They wore them today with little dresses and looked so cute!

Tonight, I took them out to East Peoria to a little park on a hill that I recently spotted. It's gorgeous and I will definitely be using it as a location in the future. We didn't get out there until about 8pm, so it was quickly getting dark, which = a lot of blurry pictures. We'll head out there again for some more shots. I have some huge 16x20 frames to fill!

After pictures, I treated them to sundaes from McDonalds, which is right up there with Disneyland on their list of awesome places!

oy. by you.

{s} by you.

{p} by you.

{e} by you.


meg manion silliker said...

sundresses and cowboy boots is my fav combo. now i know what annie will wear today!! these shots are beautiful. your girls are always dressed so beautifully!! beautiful snippets of your life here. i love that sun shot. gorgeous!!

thousand words photography said...

look at you and your flare! :)
i love them!! sarah's hair is too cute! love the boots/dresses! man, they're getting big!

JAR Photography & Design said...

Adorable...yes that is a great location. :) My daughter wants to wear her boots with EVERY outfit. LOL

nonna said...

They're so precious - can't wait to see you all!!!

Looks like you're starting to have some success getting all 3 of them in one pic!