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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello people! More randomness and another GIVEAWAY!

Sorry I went a little AWOL, but we were on a mission to find a house! We found one, but we still haven't gotten the offer papers from our realtor (ahem!! hurry!!!) so that we can start the process of negotiation. Keep your fingers crossed that all works out! We are in a pickle with our current house, so that's something we're hoping works itself out soon as well.

Anyway, today at The Maternal Lens we are GIVING AWAY a fabulous set of textures by Unik Design!!! They are absolutely gorgeous and any photographer would love to have them! Head over to TML and sign up to win! There's also a surprise freebie for those who stop by. :)

If you aren't familiar with using textures in photography, it's such a fun thing to experiment with. It can really change the look of a photo and add tons of depth and interest. You can find free textures on or you can even make your own. In your editing program, you just place your texture (it's basically just a picture of something textured) on top of your photo as its own layer, reduce the opacity so that your photo peeks through and then erase away parts of the texture layer where you want your image to remain clear and sharp. These photos were enhanced with some of the textures that TML and Unik Design are giving away.


005edit by you.


hello friends! by you.

052edit by you.


Sign up to win so you can play too! If you are interested in purchasing new textures, I highly HIGHLY recommend these by Unik Design! They are just gorgeous!

Here's a few other recent random flower shots. I keep taking them, but they haven't been making it off my camera!

pink peony love  <3

ebony and ivory by you.

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