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Thursday, March 19, 2009

good things

Good news! My friend Jodi had her twins this morning! I am so excited! I think I get more excited when someone else gives birth than when I do! haha! Anyway, she was a little early, but the last report was excellent. Hopefully, I'll get to the hospital for some pictures tomorrow. I'll share all the details then!

Another thing I wanted to share with you was this cute top I made for FREE! Nothing beats FREE!! The church ladies gave me this sweet (vintage?) fabric b/c they couldn't use it for quilting. They couldn't imagine it as anything other than curtains, but I could! I made two little strappy tops for the twins, thinking they would be super sweet with jean shorts. When I tried them on, they were huge! Oh, well. I guess they'll wear them as dresses this year and Sarah can borrow one for a top since it fits her the way I intended it to fit the twins.

It's a super simple design that I made up as I went along. The bodice is just a band that's lined, with loops in the back to feed the straps through. I left the skirt part unlined to give it a real summery look. The fabric has a nice texture to it and it's so girly and simple. (You can click this pic to see the detail if you want...)

One more thing, there's another great GIVEAWAY at The Maternal Lens! It's a fabulous piece of art by Tobin, my favorite artist!! I have a print of one her paintings - you can check it out here. Oh, how I'd love one of the ones we're giving away!!! Go enter. If you win, it would make an excellent gift for your favorite blogger friend! lol


JAR Photography & Design said...

That is so adorable, Em would love that... if only I could sew. LOL Love the posing from you little model as well.

And CONGRATS to your friend. :)

meg manion silliker said...

oh just a little something you whipped up in the middle of it all! you are nothing short of amazing my darling. i love it. it's precious and i love the summery feel - it's perfect. i swear you could make these and sell them and i will be your first customer.

thousand words photography said...

love it! adorable...and i'm totally diggin sarah's hair!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how grown-up she looks! Very cute top :-)

Betsy said...

very pretty; got enough fabric left to make one in my size? :)

nonna said...

That model looks way too grown up to be my granddaughter. Love her hair!!