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Saturday, December 6, 2008


This week I begin a year long project of weekly self portraits involving my children. Many of my peers have and will undertake a 365 daily project, but I'm thinking once a week is more than enough for me to tackle. The idea is that in the end, you have wonderful moments captured for you and your kids to look back on. I'll be sharing my images here on the blog, so here we begin with the first one...

52/52 : sometimes life gets in the way

I had some great ideas for my first week's image, but I have just been so busy with church, Christmas dinners, preschool pictures, and a 100 loads of laundry, that I haven't had time to get the kids together for my shot. So, tonight I threw them on my bed with the 100 loads of laundry and got my first shot. lol It can only get better, right?


Anonymous said...

So cute! I love "candid" pics, not to mention you are super talented!

Kristi said...

HAHAHAHAH I love it!! These are the memories you are going to cherish as your girls get older. I have similair ones with my mom and now that I have kids of my own... I look back and smile. :)