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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

{S} turns 4 today!!!  They grow up too fast. by you.

Today is Sarah's 4th birthday! She is such a good kid, too smart for her own good. Intelligence comes with attitude for us Pinkerton girls I guess. She's always been so mature and it's sad to think the little bit of little girl she lets us see is shrinking! She's already telling me how she doesn't want to be "cute" anymore. *sigh* She's truly 4 going on 14.

She got to take a big cookie cake to school today for snack and I read a story to her class. She's been getting all sorts of girly Barbie things to play with as gifts. This past weekend, we took her two best friends to see Madagascar 2 and went out for ice cream. This was the first year we didn't have a party for her, but hopefully it was just as special.

I planned to make her a plain old cake with a tiara stuck on the top for her requested "princess cake" but got the idea to do something slightly more special at the last minute. Cake decorating is not my area of expertise! I managed to get it put together before she knew of my plan, so she had a nice surprise when she saw it. She helped me put the finishing touches on it and helped "clean up" the frosting.

princess cake anyone?  my lame attempt.  lol by you.

I couldn't get her to be still for pictures today, but I'll try to get some later.


nonna said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, sarahlizziebeth - I love you bunches!!!

And Jen, you had a Disney Cinderella cake using a Barbie and bowl cake when you turned 4 (I think it was 4 - we were living at Ft. Knox, anyway)!

Jen said...

I know, I remember it very well! Mine didn't turn out quite as well though. I had to use Barbie's little sis b/c my cake was way too short.