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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy, busy.

As we near the holidays, things are getting busier and busier for me. I had the {D} family shoot this week, which I'm still editing, and also took the class pictures for the church preschool. The teachers wanted them done in front of a tree the kids had made, so I obliged, although I'm not sure it was the best choice. And it's impossible for me to get a decent shot of Sarah when I do these pics, for some reason. Last year, she was so embarrassed that I was there, she didn't cooperate at all, and this year, I forgot to get her picture when I did the other kids, so I snuck one in when I went to pick her up, but my lens didn't want to focus, so it's out of focus. Oh, well. Not like I don't get pictures of her all the time! I'm not sure anyone even saw the one from last year, so here it is...

Anyway, we're leaving for TX tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Along the way, we are meeting one of my online twin mommy friends and her family in Arkansas, which should be very exciting. While we're in TX, I'm going to take pictures of everyone I can wrangle into it so that I have plenty of shots to use for a website, which I'm hoping to start working on when I get back. There are other opportunities popping up for me right now, just wish the same was happening for Scott. He keeps getting phone interviews from time to time, but nothing serious yet. Our contract with the realtor is expiring, so we're withdrawing the house from the market later today (supposedly you get fewer calls from anxious realtors if you withdraw instead of expire your contract.) Of course, we had two showing appts pop up yesterday, so now I have to clean the house on top of getting ready for our trip. I'm ready for it to be over! We'll leave the house off the market over the holidays, then relist it. Hopefully by then, we'll have a job waiting for us somewhere.

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving! We'll be without great internet service, so I may or may not be able to check in.

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nonna said...

No, I never saw last year's picture - what a riot! It doesn't even look like her. She looks so much more grown up this year... *sob*

See you soon!!