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Thursday, October 28, 2010

trick or treat!

Hello, long lost blog friends! I've been enjoying a super busy fall, which started over the summer. :) I love it, but I'm trying to wind things down soon so that I can fully immerse myself in the holidays this year. Hopefully, that will lead to more blogging, which I've been terrible about lately! You can see what's been keeping me hoppin' over at my photography blog, which is linked up on the right there. >>

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays and I have always tried to make it more memorable for the kids by getting them involved in making costumes. Even as young as they are, they plan waaaaay ahead and actually stick to the plan. In fact, they are already planning for next year!

We went with an Alice in Wonderland theme this year. The twins were Alice and the White Rabbit, while Sarah chose the Cheshire Cat. Halloween portraits are always so fun because you can push the colors and stuff just a little more than you usually would. Here they are!

Happy Halloween!!


Robyn said...

Those are incredible costumes! I am so impressed. Great pictures and adorable kids :-)

Lisa Johnson said...

TOO CUTE! You are so stinkin' talented and creative. You're such a fun Mom! I want to come live at your house! :)

The {G} Family said...

The 2nd to last pic just melts my heart. You have to print it and hang it. She is just precious! I'll believe none of the stories anymore! LOL

JAR Photography & Design said...

Jen, these are the BEST PICTURES EVER!!!