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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

vacation part 2: making our way through the Carolinas

Part two of our journey involved lots of driving, but it was good driving! We went up, over and through the Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway. Such pretty mountain scenery! Our destination at this point was Charleston, SC, but along the way we stopped to meet my longtime online friend Hope and her husband before doing a little drive-by of my old house in Columbia.

We were up in the clouds!

When we stopped to visit with Hope and her hubby Carl, they took us out on their pontoon boat. It was so nice to take a moment to do something fun! We also managed to find some good Mexican food.

I took Scott by my old house in Columbia, which we lived in from about 1989-1993. I have to say, it's become kinda ghetto! It did not look good at all, but I guess that 20 years can change a place. Oh, well. The entire area had grown so much, I hardly knew where I was!

I'll leave you with a little video of the husbands going across the floating dock. Haha, I was hoping one of them would fall in! Dangit.


Betsy! said...

the house does look pretty ghetto! didn't it used to have a wood fence? it looks smaller too ;)

Jen said...

yes, the wood fence was in a pile in the corner.