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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

tree hunting

Every few years, we like to go out and get a real tree. This was one of those years!

I always have these grand delusions that it will be a wonderful memory-making experience for the kids, but they just fought over who was in the wagon and who was pulling the wagon the entire time. *sigh*

Despite the grumbling, we enjoyed ourselves and the gorgeous weather we were having (long gone now!) The tree farm we chose was a little different from most I've been to. They give you a long pole to measure with, and when you find your special tree, you turn the pole around so that the colored end is pointing up and a "spotter" will send "cutters" out to you and they do all the hard work for you! It actually was kinda nice. All the fun, none of the work. A hubby's dream!

We were a little late getting a tree, so they seemed sorta picked over, but we managed to find a pretty frasier fir that had a beautiful shape to it. By the time we decided on one, the leopard print princess was getting grumpy about the lack of hot chocolate.

While the "cutters" work on your tree and wrap it up for you, you can take a stroll through the enchanted forest where they have little signs and decorations up everywhere. Here were a few of my faves...(seriously, if you stumble upon the Santa sign, I need one!)

After walking in the forest, we had some cookies and hot chocolate while the fellas tied our tree to the car.

Tree hunting success!

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Sarah said...

looks like a beautiful day for tree hunting and I love that little sign also..beautiful pictures as always
Happy Christmas