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Monday, November 16, 2009

Have a seat in our Purple Paradise!

Last week we had exciting things happen at the Pinkerton house! The guys we hired to help with the scary hall bath, RW Handyman Services, finished up their work and it was transformed into a Purple Paradise! Like everything else, we aren't completely finished yet, but it is soooooooo much better than it was!

You can check out all the before pics in THIS post, but here's a shot to refresh your memories:

That huge toilet paper holder was hiding a huge hole in the wall, by the way. lol And here's what it looks like now:

MUCH better!

One of the major things that RW Handyman Services did was install a shower in the tub with a new surround. I was thinking we'd get something a little fancier for the surround, but I made the mistake of walking away while the order was placed and my dear husband picked this one after finding out the one I picked was a special order. Oh, well. It's nice and new and clean! The shower is great - I've already tried it out, even though this is the kids' bathroom. I will be shaving my legs in here for the rest of our stay in this house so that I don't feel like I'm bent in half in an upright coffin in our master bath shower stall. haha! Really, what were they thinking when they came up with those stand up shower designs? There definitely was zero thought given to shaving legs in them.

The shower curtain is something I'm excited about. I found these gingham curtain panels on clearance at Lowe's for less than $1 each, so I stocked up on them knowing we could find uses for them. For the shower curtain, I just sewed two of them together, side by side and added little button holes at the top to put the hooks through. Not perfect, but definitely good enough, and at $2, who is going to complain??? Not me! Since we saved money on the curtain, I let the girls get these fancy glass knob hooks to dress it up.

When I find the time, I'll make some fabric yo-yo's in blues, purples and greens to add as polka dots to the shower curtain. The girls LOVE anything with yo-yo's and I think it will add to the girly/shabby chic look we have going on, while incorporating some of the other colors in the room.

We found this super cute rug at TJMaxx today. LOVE it! The purples don't match exactly, but we'll tie it in with those yo-yo's. You can see our pretty new (vinyl) floor that the guys put in for us. The floor is not level (like, by a lot!) so vinyl really was the best option for us.

Remember how the old vanity was covered in the oatmeal texture??? bleh!! Well, now we have a new one! I LOVE it!!! Nice and white and clean, except for the blue marker Phoebe wiped on there after coloring clothes onto her naked self. I missed it before I took the pic. lol We went from having a vanity that was 22" deep to one that's only 19" deep. I thought I wouldn't like the narrower version, but I actually love the way it gives more space to the room and it seems much more streamlined and modern.

The faucet is new and doesn't flood the counter top now! The kids have been playing in the sink every chance they get. Apparently, they've never seen a sink stopper that works because it's the greatest thing ever to them!

In this pic, you can see the now un-scary linen closet. It's full of tools and junk right now, but I can't wait to put my linens in there! You can also see that we need to re-hang the doors and finish painting the trim. It will all happen this week. Promise!

Today Sarah and I hung some pictures and things on the walls. I have this great faucet *thing* that I've never had a place for, but it's very cute in the bathroom. I also let her use some of my favorite paintings. In this collage, you can also see the knobs we got for the cabinet. I wanted to get glass knobs like the shower curtain hooks, but those suckers are almost $5 each! We got these for $1.75 each and they will fit in fine.

Aside from making the yo-yo's for the shower curtain, we are planning to embellish some towels with ruffles like these awesome Shabby Chic towels at Target. They are pricey, but I know I could easily make something similar and we can use whatever colors and fabrics we want.

So that's the new bathroom!!! I need to finish painting and touching up, but I'm so happy with the way it turned out! Seriously, we wouldn't even go in there before! Now we have to tackle the rest of the house, which looks like this right now:

It will be done by the end of the week. Promise!


Rebecca said...

Jennifer, your bathroom looks wonderful. Oh, and thanks for sharing pics of the rest of the house as well. It makes me feel so much better! LOL

Courtney Fisk said...

I love everything you are doing! The bathroom is wonderful! I am totally living my dreams of buying a house through you! :)

Megan said...

I must agree with Courtney...I am living in a home of my own and decorating it beautifully vicariously through you! You're awesome!

~Meg DaGata