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Saturday, October 17, 2009

we've been at the homestead

Being an army kid, we never really had a "hometown" but after I graduated high school, my folks moved out to the country in central TX. Since then, it's pretty much become the family homestead. They live in a community called Naruna, TX, which is about an hour NW of Austin. It's 10 miles or more to the nearest small town and they are basically its only residents besides the wildlife.

On the property they have the house, a detached garage with an "apartment" which is where we stay, and the old general store.

Across the road is Naruna Baptist Church, which is still thriving after 100+ years. It's the church where Scott and I got married. My mom plays the piano and my dad leads the singing, the same way it's probably been done since the church's beginning.

When we arrived, I was excited to see that the mowing had been neglected. The grass was so tall and pretty. Little white flowers gave it a dreamy look. I couldn't wait to take some pictures and even lined up a bridal shoot, which never came to fruition because of the rain.

Wildflowers were blooming everywhere because of all the recent rains. The Hill Country was looking good!

If you are interested, you can read more about Naruna on my father's
BLOG. You will also learn where I inherited my sense of humor while
you're over there!

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thousand words photography said...

super cool! i love the shots of sarah!!