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Saturday, October 31, 2009

from the field to the front porch

One of the best parts of living in the midwest is that you can go out into a *real* pumpkin patch to pick your pumpkins in the fall. Most areas have at least one large pumpkin farm, some are fancier than others. The last 2 years, we've gone out to Roca Berry Farm near Lincoln to get pumpkins with Scott's family. They are pretty elaborate with their offerings - not only do they have pumpkins and other goodies, they have various haunted houses, a petting zoo, food, pony rides, etc.

There's lots of fun stuff to see and do and the girls had a blast with their cousin and their beloved (16 yr old) Aunt Abby.

Each of the kiddos got to venture out into the patch to pick their pumpkin.

Ellen picked a pumpkin that weighed twice as much as she did and Sarah picked a white one. We were kinda late getting them carved and it became a halloween day activity this year. While Phoebe was napping, Sarah and Ellie worked on their gourds.

Sarah decided to name hers "PumCute Dot" after we made the decision to carve polka dots into it (with a drill.) She wrote this herself - kinda cute, huh? Love, Sarah. :)

Poor little Phoebe suffered from one of her bouts of vertigo today. She woke up vomiting and was basically too dizzy to move much, so she slept most the day. Once she was up, I took her outside so she could help me get her pumpkin carved. Poor thing couldn't even hold her head up off the table. I want to document these episodes she has, but it's hard to do with still pictures. Eventually we'll have to find a way to video her. You can see in these pics how out of character she is when she has this happen to her. She is completely awake in these pictures, just dizzy.

Not surprisingly, she wanted a happy pumpkin while Ellen wanted a scary one. They were pretty simple this year, but they turned out well.

By the time trick or treating commenced, Phoebe was feeling much better and they all had a blast! She only had trouble going up and down steps, but it didn't slow her down. The weather was perfect - about 50' and clear with a full moon. It was a great halloween evening!

Hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


stacy mcpeek-smith said...

We were late carvers this year too. :o) Glad P felt better to trick or treat. I love the polk a dot pumpkin, I'm a nut over some circles I might have to steal her idea next year!! :o)

JAR Photography & Design said...

How fun... I bet it is so neat to go to a real pumkin patch! The pumpins look fantastic.. loves sarahs polka dot one. Poor P, she does look out of it. :(

sherri said...

Oh the pumpkin decorating looked fun! My heart is just breaking for poor P. I had tears in my eyes when I saw those pics. I just want to scoop her up and hold her. Poor sweet little thing. Cant wait for some answers for her.