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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

saying goodbye

FYI - we've moved!! We made it to Nebraska, alive and well.

Last week we said our good-byes to our friends in Peoria. The kids had play-dates will all of their little friends and we made the most of those last few days with them.

The church was our surrogate family and, conveniently, vacation Bible school took place during our final week in town so we were able to spend quality time with our loved ones there. It's always an exciting time for the kids, and the twins were especially excited to participate for the first time.

The last night of VBS, the kids put on a program for the parents. Ellen was the "good one" as usual, but Phoebe stole the show in true drama queen fashion. Sarah was the old pro, belting those songs out!(you can click the pics to see them larger)

Despite crummy weather, we spent lots of time at the park with our friends. (Sorry I didn't get pics of everyone!) This is Tommy, one of Sarah's BFF's. It's funny to think they've known each other almost all their lives...

The twins think he is the coolest thing since Sponge-Bob!

{T} has new baby twin siblings and Ellen thinks they belong to her! I think she's still convinced she's moving to their house instead of Nebraska.

Here are the girls with their other BFF's, {K} & {E}.

I'm still tickled that when I used to babysit {E}, people would ask if Sarah and {E} were twins. It's even funnier now that I really have twins!

Before we left, we even had a nice grown up's night out playing miniature golf with our friends Freda and Chad. We love all of you guys and will miss you tons!

And finally, we said good-bye to our first house. We moved in when I was pregnant with Sarah, not knowing anyone within an 8 hour drive. We built our life there and brought our babies home to it, which will always make it a special place. We loved it, but are excited to move onto bigger and better things. :)

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Nonna said...

Your bit about the house brought a tear to my eye, not just because of the special memories I was blessed to be a part of there, but remembering back 28 years ago and walking out of the little house in SA for the last time. We had brought you and your sister home from the hospital to that house, and were moving far away from family for the first time. Your new house is ready for wonderful memories - it's been empty too long!
How wonderful you were able to do VBS, too!