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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

playing catch-up

This week I decided to try to play some catch up on my projects. I have a few dozen sewing projects that have been put off during past few months with all the house selling/showing going on. Now that our house is under contract (yay!) I've decided to try to knock some of them out so that I don't get too backlogged when once we're moved. Hopefully I'll be somewhat caught up by the end of this weekend so that I can start packing next week.

This is Ellen and her "monkey dress." The sock monkey fabric was a remnant that Scott's mom gave us. Ellie has a monkey fetish and snapped it up the second she saw it. It was the first project I took care of b/c she would walk around the house, day after day, with her monkey fabric, pleading for me to make her a "monkey dress." Needless to say, she loves it, and I love that it cost me $0 to make!

monkey dress for {E} by you.

Since {E} got a monkey dress, Phoebe got a cupcake dress. It turned out a little big, but she doesn't seem to mind.

cupcake dress for {P} by you.

When we were in Nebraska last, Sarah and I got to check out a cool
fabric store. I let her pick out whatever fabric she wanted, and she
picked this cute mermaid fabric. I am supposed to make her a purse
out of it too, but that will have to wait. She's very good about
reminding me though. Every day.

mermaid skirt for {s} by you.

This dress is for the daughter of an e-friend. I sorta made up the pattern on my own and love it! Once things settle down, I am hoping to make these to sell in my etsy shop. I've also made tops in the same style.

I made this! by you.

I've also been making tons of camera strap covers, which are on SALE
for $6 in my etsy shop! You can find them HERE and I'll be adding more!

If you are interested in girl's clothing, what would you like to see in my
shop? Are there styles that you love? What kind of sizes would you be
looking for?


HomeSpun Threads said...

Those girls have got to be the cutest ones I know and have never met! They are so precious. I just love the fabrics...I'm having withdrawals bad. Need (a) cute fabric and (b) cute girls for cute fabric or (c) make do with my boys and buy cute fabric anyway. : )

JAR Photography & Design said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the monkey dress.

Portlandia said...

These are so cute! I wish I had someone to dress up in these! (My dh would NOT go for it on the boys :)

Freda Thompson said...

I love the pattern that you came up with for the dresses, but actually like them better as the shirts (probably because my girls are not the most lady-like in dresses!) I'd love to see them in some bold colored retro fabrics. The style just seem very hippy-chic and them in bolder colors would still keep it modern. You know I'm saturated with the style tips of Hannah Montana and such round these parts! : p

Betsy said...

darling dresses!! wish i had girls to sew for!!! there are a few nice quilt shops in the Omaha area.