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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the duvet diary: part 1

Yesterday, I finally started work on Sarah's new comforter cover. As you may remember, I got this king sheet set for a steal and planned to cut it up and applique flowers to it to make her a custom duvet.

Because it's so large, I took the comforter and the sheets out into the yard so that I could lay them out to make sure I had enough for the front and back of the duvet from the sheets. The front was no problem, but I hadn't really thought about having odd cutouts on the formerly fitted sheet where I'd trimmed off the elastic and split the corner seams. It was not going to work as easily as I had hoped! No problem though, I just trimmed off both ends where the cutouts were (all the way across) and turned the pieces in the other direction, cutting and lining them up to fit across where I needed them. In the end, I only had a small space to fill and a pillowcase came in to save the day.

I'm almost finished with piecing the back together and I started working on the appliques today. I'm using an iron on product with a paper backing. I just iron it onto my applique piece, cut out my shape, peel the paper off and iron the applique to my fabric. Easy! I got the flowers put together and stitched around the centers, and got the leaves cut out. Next step is to get everything onto the top, which is a little daunting b/c of the size of the sheet I'm working with. I'll iron on the leaves and flowers and then stitch around them. Here's a couple of the flowers...Sarah has changed the design so that they will just be scattered around without stems.

Honestly, I've never owned or even SEEN a duvet in person! haha! I'm just making this up as I go. I know an issue you can have with them is that your comforter gets bunched up inside. I was thinking I could sew some buttons onto the comforter and make button holes on the duvet somewhere so that the comforter becomes attached to the cover, keeping it in place. Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome! I'm just winging it! lol


Abby said...

Hi Jenny,
Bed Bath & Beyond has clips that work great, if you don't want to make button holes and attach buttons. I have them on our duvet.

Jen said...

I'll have to look for some! Sounds like a good thing.

thousand words photography said...

does your amazingness ever end?! i think not!

meg manion silliker said...

you're so flippin' talented. this duvet is going to be awesome. i love the appliques. so great!! so when you're done you're working on mine right?!!! hee hee.

Kelly said...

that's beautiful, amazing and smart! our comforter gets bunchy sometimes in our duvet, but I just smooth it regularly... the clips or buttons would be perfect!