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Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's official! The terrible twosome is 2!!

Phoebe & Ellen turned 2 today! They've been practicing at the "terrible twos" for some time now, so they should ease into it like it's old hat. Nonna & Boppa arrived late last night to help celebrate and they are having a ball together. We went to church this morning and had a little cake gathering this afternoon.

Anyway, here's a few pics from 2 years ago! This was me right before we left for the hospital - 36 weeks preggo and ready to get them out!! Let me tell you, when you are this pregnant with that much baby, you feel like all your organs are failing (because they are!) and that you are going to just curl up and expire. lol I was also suffering from intrahepatic cholestasis of pregancy which made that last trimester even more miserable. At the time, I thought I was doing pretty well, but looking back is really painful!

Ellen was 6lbs 1oz, Phoebe was 5lbs 5oz and no NICU time for either.

Look how little Sarah was!!

Right after we got home...

Here they are at 2 weeks old in their first dresses. Omg...*sigh*

Here are some pics from our party today. (Sorry, they aren't the best, but it was crazy!!)

I traded my photo services for a fabulous cake from a friend. Phoebe was so excited about the cake and couldn't keep her fingers out of it! It had a little mishap in transit to our house, but it was so yummy - {P} scarfed hers down in record time. Each kid got one of the individual flower cakes that were arranged on top to look like a bouquet.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! It was a good one!


JAR Photography & Design said...

OMG... I loved the preggo and newborn shots... you looked fabulous and they looked so tiny. The party looks like it was a hit, congrats momma... now look out! LOL

Dave said...

Jen.... so cute... time has flown by... I can't believe our babies are gonna be two already. next task..potty training.

Ps.... The tops looks awesome on them.

Courtney Fisk said...

looks like a great time! they looked fabulous in their new tops!

Heather said...

Love the tops they look adorable (as always) Love the preggo pick, Beautiful. Its hard watching our babies grow up. Looks like they had a fun day caked look yummy :).

Anonymous said...

Wow - the time sure has flown by! I can't believe how big they've gotten

Happy birthday to them both :-)

Melissa said...

Aww how cute are they!!

Happy birthday girls!

meg manion silliker said...

awwww.i'm sorry i missed wishing the dynamic duo a happy birthday no. 2!!! time flies. you my dear looked gorgeous carrying the mass destruction sistas. just gorgeous!!! great bday pics. xo

Anonymous said...

Jen I just love their tops. What a beatiful day and wonderful couple of years for you all!! Happiness to you for bringing three precious bundles into this world.