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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun

Here's some random pics from the weekend. Saturday we went to Easter Fun Day at church, where the kids got to hunt eggs, do crafts and eat hot dogs. I think it was the first time the twins have really hunted for eggs, and they had a blast!

That afternoon, Sarah went garbage digging and came up with the unused egg dye tablets from the day before. I don't know what possessed her to do it, but she ate one! I'm sure it didn't taste good, and to prove it, she dribbled it all over her chin and clothes. I was sure we wouldn't be able to get her cleaned up in time for Easter Sunday, but it eventually faded away.

On Easter Sunday, we managed to get ourselves to the 7am sunrise service, so we pretty much played lazy bum the rest of the day. I made a turkey, broc & cheese rice casserole, rolls, asparagus, strawberry jello salad w/ pretzel crust (yum!) and these little egg cakes. I always forget about my egg pan until the last minute, but I should plan ahead to make really cute cakes next year! The pan makes the halves and I put them together with strawberry jam in between.

Here's our complete family portrait from yesterday. Someone doesn't understand the concept of "squat down."

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


The {G} Family said...

LOLOLOLOLOL! at the last picture and quote!

Summer said...

ha, ha, ha.. Scott... Opps!

JAR Photography & Design said...

OMG... that last pic is PERFECT. :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend.

meg manion silliker said...

you never cease to make me laugh laugh laugh. i just love your stories. the dye tablet....your sweet egg cakes and of course the concept of squatting down!! once again the tears are in my eyes because you make me laugh so hard. what a riot!!! scott you are priceless!! and ladies you are lovely.

Betsy! said...

love all the outfits! too bad Scott didn't make it into the family pic this year :)

Jen said...

oh that is so funny about her eating the egg dye tablet.
Your family pic looks so familiar. ha ha
Thanks for sharing!