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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The joys of living with a fashionista...

Back in November I did a lot of sewing to use up old scrap fabrics. I got the idea for these cute ruffled pants for Sarah, using fabric I bought about more than 10 years ago to use as a bedskirt! I improvised on the pattern and thought they turned out so cute, but Sarah refused to wear them because they were too "cute" and not pretty/cool/grown-up enough.

Well, after admiring the gorgeous (expensive!) outfits from
GenMarie and Matilda Jane, I decided that I should make her a dress to go with the pants, similar to what they specialize in. Sarah promised me that if I made her a matching dress, she'd wear the pants, so I got to work!

I made up the pattern using one of her tops as a guide. The straps knot in the front, which was a super easy way to do it, and very popular right now. I used up the rest of the scraps and the skirt is some clearance fabric I got for less than $2. She can layer the dress with the pants and a shirt in winter, and can wear it alone in the spring. I'll have to do some for the twins too!

Speaking of twins, as soon as they saw sissy up on the coffee table, getting her picture taken, they decided they had to join in. LOL

Oh, boy, I can't wait for spring so we can take these kinds of pictures outside!!


thousand words photography said...

soooo cute!! you are so lucky i don't have a girl b/c you'd be whippin' me up some of these!! i LOVE the pants!! and the them all!

and....those darling twins can not be the ones giving you trouble...they are too darn cute!!!

meg manion silliker said...

oh my!!! i love the dress with the pants - it's fabulous. is there no end to your talent?! wow wow wow!!

Dave said...

Gee...I wonder who the little ham gets it from? Adorable outfit!

nonna said...

yup, when I see Sarah, it's like reliving your toddlerhood all over again!! I love that outfit, and those straps!

and how can you not laugh at P's cheesy smile?? :)

Betsy said...

soopa cute