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Monday, December 1, 2008

Staying entertained in Naruna, TX, population 2.

If you didn't already know, my folks live out in the country in a hoppin' place called Naruna. It consists of their property, a stop sign, a Baptist church, and a graveyard. My father is the unofficial "mayor", well, because he makes up half the human population. Anyway, keeping kids entertained in the TX wilderness can be tricky!

The twins were particularly interested in terrorizing the dogs - Rosie (lab) and Sam (beagle.) Rosie is great for "riding" and Sam is particularly good at finishing your dinner for you and chewing on your toys.

The twins made themselves at home and wrecked the house. They had toys everywhere and were literally climbing the walls!

We spent some time driving around looking for entertainment while Nonna & Boppa worked. We took the kids out to Longhorn Caverns and wandered around. We also fed the ducks at Burnet's riverwalk park and visited the kitchen crew at the elementary school.

The porch swing was good for some fun. As were Nonna & Boppa themselves!

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nonna said...

Who would have thought playing "this lil' piggy" could be so entertaining??! Loved having you all, even with all the mess - Sam and Rosie are still sleeping off all the excitement, and the cats are once again coming back in the house... :)