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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh, give me a home...where the marshmallows roam!

We've made gingerbread-house-making a tradition in our house for both Halloween and Christmas. It's so much fun and a candy laden structure is always a festive touch to the holiday decor! We make ours using graham crackers, using the method I described in detail HERE.

I invited Sarah's friends, sisters {K} & {L}, to join us in the fun. All the kids had a blast! The twins were far more interested in eating the candy, as usual, but they managed to produce a decent house.

The older girls were very concerned with the details on their houses. We had doorbells, chimneys, gardens, all sorts of things! I decided to be brave this time and gave each one of them their own little packet of piping icing (wax paper cones), which proved to be interesting and only slightly messy.

In the end, the houses looked great!


Cassidy and Taylor said...

Absolutely adorable!

The Stories of Our Lives said...

Those are way too cute!! You're kiddo's are so blessed to have such a fun and creative mommy!