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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Looky what I got!! A logo!

Fellow cafemom, bmay33, was offering a special on logos, so I figured I should take her up on it. I'm not pro, but I can definitely use one. I'm so excited about how it came out and can't wait to get the ball moving to build a business! The first one is the actual logo and the others are watermarks for my pictures.

(The box has a "JP" which looks like a butterfly - just like when I sign my initials.)



nonna said...

Very nice! It's elegant looking, with a hint of sassiness. I like it.

Lisa Johnson said...

I love it! SO CUTE!

Michele Johnson said...

That is soooo cool! I want one; even though I have absolutely no reason to have one. ha-ha! It really is cool and one more step toward going pro. I am so proud of you!

thousand words photography said...

love it!