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Thursday, October 23, 2008


There's no denying it's officially fall! Our big tree by the driveway has dropped all its leaves and made a huge mess, just like every other year. I took the girls out for some pictures, but Scott decided to start up the leaf blower at the same time, so they were a little distracted. The reason for the pics is because I made them these little play dresses out of some leftover upholstery fabric I had on hand. I feel like Maria from The Sound of Music, making play clothes from drapes!


nonna said...

I thought that material looked familiar... and look at Miss E's smile!!

Lisa Johnson said...

You seriously have got to be the cutest mom EVER! I want to come live at your house with all the fun of playing in the leaves, new dresses, riding bikes, making haunted houses, pumpkin patches, etc! SO FUN!