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Friday, November 9, 2007

Christmas dresses - it's only the beginning!

I've started cutting out the girls' Christmas dresses and still don't know exactly what I want for the end result. It doesn't help that I'm running out of one of the fabrics! I went and got another fabric which will work well as a replacement, but now I have to change my vision a little. The original fabrics are the green one (middle) and the pink paisley on the right. For the babies' dresses, I was going to do just do the opposite fabrics for the underdress and pinafore. Because of my fabric shortage, if I stick to the original plan, I'll have one green dress w/ the new pink fabric pinafore and a pink paisley dress w/ a green pinafore. Now, I'm wondering if I should do both underdresses in the green and a pinafore in each pink fabric??? I think I'd rather have the prettier pinks on top where you can see them more. And just so you know, I'm not adding the pockets or the lace that are pictured in the pattern.

For Sarah, I think I'll make her entire dress out of the pink paisley fabric I started with and have an underskirt layer peeking out from underneath in the green. I originally planned to do the sash in green, but now I'm thinking a wide satin ribbon (maybe red to make it more Christmas-y) would look nice. For her dress, I plan to combine the two pictured dress pattens, using the collar and sleeves on the one and the sash on the other. If anyone has any input or ideas, please share! I'm kind of going for a romantic, shabby-chic look for these, hence the variety of fabrics. I just hope it doesn't look too hodge-podge! I don't think it will. :P It might be hard to tell by the pictures, but they all coordinate fine, especially the pinks with the green print.

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Michele said...

Your so good! I wouldn't even know where to begin... Whether they turn out exactly how you envision or different, I have every confidence they will be just as sweet as can be.